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 Posted: Wed Dec 5th, 2007 02:50 am
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I often hear that the North was an industrial society but the reality is a touch more than just that. There were considerably more farms north of the Mason Dixon than south of it.

There was more industry north of the mason dixon because there was a considerably freer economy there w/ more industry as well as more agriculture.

Farms were generally better & more efficently run. Why, a variety of reasons, IMO a lack of slavery being a major factor. Throughout the US areas that lacked slavery did considerably better, why? My father would say a different work ethic but I'm not certain about that. A variety of reasons... and I don't pretend to know them all.

The economics & mechanics of slavery created an elite slaveholding/property/land owner society that created a defacto feudalistic society.

IMO w/out the national sin of slavery this would have been a greater nation; and w/out slavery there would have been no Civil War.

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