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 Posted: Wed Dec 5th, 2007 01:36 pm
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These are figures from the 1790 US Census - New York slaves 21,324; New Jersey 11,423; These numbers pale to Virginia's 292,627 and South Carolina's 107,094. However, NY and NJ did have a significant slave population. The north's relatively small slave population made it much easier to abolish slavery vs the south. While visiting my daughter in NYC several years ago visited an excellent exhibit on New York's slave population.

To take this "what if" question a little further, if slavery didn't exist, would this have changed the make up of the colonial states (could Virginia have been a dominant state?) such that the Revolutionary War ever occurred or at a later period or gone down the road of Canada and other commonwealth nations? If the answer is yes, then one could speculate that without slavery the course of North American history would have been dramatically altered. Again, like the members of this board, I despise that horrible institution but only go down this road just for discussion purposes.

Pvt - Have to dispute your comment regarding NJ and the Mason-Dixon line. The M-D line was created in order to settle border disputes between - Del, Md, Penn, Vir. (now WV) in the 1760's. Be glad to see any information on the NJ portion that you have. By the way I live about 15 miles from the M-D line "on the good side".

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