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 Posted: Wed Dec 5th, 2007 03:16 pm
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Lets not dismiss the importance of Brother Whitney and his Gin. I believe he was the first to say "get your cotton pickin hands outta my gin!"...but maybe not..
anyway, slavery was a pretty expensive business and found generally in the tidewater rice regions prior to the invention of the cotton gin. hand separating of the cotton seeds from fibers, even using slave hands was a pretty unprofitable situation. With the cotton gin however, all of a sudden cotton would become king, lots of labor would be needed to cultivate the fields, and so slavery increased accordingly thruout the south, but especially the deep south.
However even with all this expansion, read the 1860 census statistics and I believe you will find that only about 7% of the southern population owned a slave. ( now I realize this figure is somewhat skewed because it does not account for households only one person was designated as the "owner", but the fact remains that there was a large segment of the southern population that did NOT own slaves or agree with the institution, yet were adamnat about yankees staying home. They were also vocal about protectionist tariffs..
IMO the seeds of war were sown and would bear fruit regardless fo slavery

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