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 Posted: Thu Dec 6th, 2007 03:22 am
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Buchanan signed the Morill Tariff into law as one of his last official acts.

It is, however, amusing that some claiming tariff issues are not familiar with the actual tariffs. Per capita, a tariff bill maybe meant $1.96 or $2.50 per year; I forget. But that number is deceptive. Cigars, brandy, champagne, silk, RR iron, perfume. Which of these bit the average guy the most?

Can't forget sugar and molasses. Rum was made from molasses. And everyone had to have some sugar. The tariff on sugar and sugar products was a favor to........guess who?.........Louisiana.

What did the average guy buy that was made more expensive because there was a tariff? Woven cotton and woolen fabrics? Perhaps. A plow or a hoe or a spade? Naah. A horse or mule? Most certainly not. Several bushels of potatoes, carrots, turnips or apples? No.

If Bubba or Bob or Jim and their wives were actually inconvenienced by a tariff, I have yet to see it.



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