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 Posted: Sun Dec 9th, 2007 06:28 am
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Bama46 wrote: Johan,
Where do you get the statement that the south was not paying a disporportunate amount.. the south was paying the vast majority of the tariff and getting precious little in return. The Morrill tariff strangled the south for generations, only being completely eliminated during the Truman administration

How?  The monies collected and ehrer they were collected from don't bear that statement out.  I've often seen the charge that the South was somehow paying for the govt.  It doesn't bear up to research.  Most of the tarriffs in the US were collected in the major seaport cities w/ NYC paying the most by far.

Look to the products effected by the tarriff and it doesn't take much to understand the average southerner as minimaly impacted by the tarriff. 

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