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There were great artillerist on both sides.  Gen. Hunt was probally one of the best on both sides for organazation and he was one of the many factors which led to a Union victory at Gettysburg.

The artillerist that was mentioned above as serving in the Western theater was undoubtibly Captain Mendenhall who turned the action on the Union left on the Jan. 2 from a Union route to a Confederate disaster.

Some other great ones are Charles Wrainwright who served ably with the Army of the Potomoc.  Gen. Pegram served ably both as a artillerist and as an infantry commander.

Some bad ones include Gen. Pendleton who after almost losing the Confederate Artillery reserve after Antietam was removed from active command and served the rest of the war in a staff posistion. 

Pelham, was a great Confederate battery commander. Bigelow, who helped saved the Union left at Gettysburg on July 2, was a great Union one.  Also Dilinger, with his flying dutch battery served ably throughout the war.

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